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This Is Auburn

Auburn University aims to support transfer students from the first inquiry, all the way to graduation. With 140 majors to choose from, 500 clubs and organizations to participate in, and 160 years of history to be part of, every student can find their place in the Auburn Family. Even if your educational journey didn’t begin at Auburn, we hope this will be the place it flourishes.

Student Spotlight

Erin Norris is a Senior majoring in Psychology

Erin Norris is a Senior majoring in Psychology.

I’m from the small town of Wetumpka, Alabama. My close-knit graduating class consisted of 35 people so when I chose my first college I was looking to stay small and inside my comfort zone. After one year at that university, I longed to challenge myself more and get out of my comfort zone. I had always liked Auburn but the idea of a large university intimidated me. Despite being nervous, my heart drew me to Auburn, and I’m so glad it did. It is larger than my last college but every day I’m amazed by the warm feeling of community Auburn gives. I initially worried about meeting people, but immediately found friends and study partners in each class and through a few organizations I participated in. Though I found the classes more difficult than at my previous school, I was able to plan out a study schedule based off of the syllabus given at the beginning of the semester and worked on projects farther ahead of time. There will be new challenges as there are with any change of scene, but as long as you plan ahead, get involved, give yourself time to adjust, and embrace the change you will make the most of your Auburn experience. By transferring to Auburn, I have found a family away from home and a deeper sense of pride in my education that I hope every transfer student also comes to know.