Transfer Welcoming Transfer Students to Auburn University


For the purpose of admissions to Auburn University, your official transcripts must be translated and evaluated by a NACES credential evaluator. However, in order to receive Auburn University equivalent credit for your international coursework, you will need to submit syllabi to the International Transcript Evaluator in the Office of the Registrar. You may email those directly to

Important Information:

  • Syllabi should be translated into English before submitting them to
  • Courses that appear on your official, translated transcript will all be applied to your student record. However, only courses for which a syllabus is provided will be evaluated. All other coursework will receive “NOCR 1000 – No Credit Given at Auburn” and those credit hours will not be applied. The grade will still show on your unofficial and official transcripts.
  • Credit hours and grades will be converted to U.S. semester hours and 4.0 scale GPA using AACRAO credential evaluation standards.
  • The following types of credit are not transferrable and will not count towards a degree.

    • Remedial or developmental courses
    • Technical courses
    • Occupational, vocational and some workforce courses from two-year institutions
    • Courses classified as below freshman level by the originating institution
  • It is the student’s responsibility to provide all information to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation. Because of differences in educational systems around the world, there will undoubtedly be questions and concerns. We are here and happy to help. All questions can be directed to